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For more than two decades, we've been providing our customers with regular termite inspections and termite treatments. Nelson's Termite Control offers a comprehensive termite warranty that is renewed annually for up to 10 years, and can keep you protected from termite infestations.

Drywood Termite Control & Treatment

Many residents in the Tampa area, especially those living near the coast will experience a drywood termite infestation in their home. Drywood termites spend almost their entire life inside the sound, dry wood. Winged adults or swarmers, shedded wings, ejected pellets and galleries inside wood are typical signs of a drywood termite infestation. Accumulation of pellets, especially in a cone-shaped pattern, is a sign of active drywood termites.

Subterranean Termite Control & Treatment

The subterranean termite is the most destructive and most frequently encountered termite in the Tampa area. Subterranean termites nest in the soil, but they attack structures by building tubes (mud tubes) that connect their nests to the wood structures. The presence of winged producers, mud tubes and wood damage are signs that an infestation is present. The winged producers surface from colonies in large numbers usually from January through May during the daylight hours.

Termite Inspections:

We will perform a comprehensive inspection, provide you with an honest assessment of the problem, and will not try to sell you a service you don't need. In fact, we'll even make every effort to save you money on our termite control services. For example, we'll be happy to provide you with a spot treatment, rather than a whole-house or whole-business treatment, if we believe it will effectively eliminate your termite problem.

Some other reasons that home and business owners turn to Nelson's Pest Control for termite control solutions include:

Termidor Termite Treatments
  • We can provide comprehensive HUD and WDO inspections.
  • We can pre-treat commercial and residential properties of any size to effectively prevent termite infestations.
  • We use the industry's most effective treatment products, including Termidor®, which can prevent termites from returning for up to 10 years. We also offer odorless applications and will accept customer feedback on the types of chemicals chosen based upon specific needs.

Termite Inspections
Termite Repair
Termite Treatments

To schedule a service call or to learn more about our Tampa termite control treatments that we provide for homes and businesses, contact Nelson's Pest Control today.
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