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Crabgrass Treatment | Pre-Emergent Lawn Treatment

Our specialty lawn care services targets crabgrass and other undesirable grasses. Crabgrass is the most common annual grass weeds in most Southern lawns. The smooth and hairy crab-grasses are classified as summer annual weeds. These grass weeds are considered undesirable in quality lawns because they smother out desirable turf-grasses. A quality lawn will develop a thick canopy which covers the soil and reduces germination and the establishment of seedling annual grass weeds.

Treatment Pre-emergent herbicides are used to prevent the germinating weeds from establishing in the lawn. Our program includes treatment 4 times a year the first year and reduction in treatment the 2nd year as we thicken up your lawn.

Round Up Treatment

One of our specialty lawn care services is to basically start over with your lawn. A Round Up treatment can be done to your entire lawn or part of your lawn to kill weeds and grass in preparation for new sod or plugs.

Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control

One of our specialty lawn care services is fire ant control. Fire Ants (aka Red Imported Fire Ants) are notorious for their aggressive defense of the nest accompanied by their painful sting, which they are able to inflict in unison after crawling up the legs of an unwitting victim. Fire Ant mounds can be identified by the large irregular shaped dirt mounds of loose soil found above ground. Fire Ant mounds either just crest the surface of the grass or can be found two to four inches just above the grass surface. Fire Ant mounds do NOT have one opening in the center and should not be mistaken for our native Pyramid Ant. Pyramid Ants are harmless and actually help by eating the fire ant, and can be identified by their mound which has one hole in the center of a crater-shaped mound and is typically about 1½ – 2 inches high and up to 3 inches wide. Pyramid Ants exist in all lawns; but, mounds will only appear in areas of lawn that have been thinned out due to drought stress or insect damage.

Our specialty lawn care treatment will include an annual application with Top Choice®, the industry's #1 preferred fire ant control which is a nationally recognized proven product. We recommend this treatment for those with little children, those who like to walk their lawn barefoot or those who are allergic to Fire Ants.

Tick Treatment

Tick Control

Tick treatment can be provided for both indoor and/or outdoor issues.
The common tick is a stubborn pest, and will take cooperation of homeowners and pest control specialists to control. Ticks cannot hop or fly, therefore they climb onto an appropriate area to wait until they find a passing host. Pets can pick up ticks while roaming through wooded or overgrown areas, as well as some parks.

INDOOR – Indoor treatment includes a minimum of 2 treatments every 2 weeks (Up to 4 – 5 visits) and up to a one year warranty.
OUTDOOR – Our single outdoor treatment includes spraying your lawn, trees and flower beds.

Flea Control Treatments

Flea control

Flea treatment can be provided for both INDOOR and/or OUTDOOR issues. Fleas are small yet visible to the naked eye and are capable of jumping from 14 – 16 inches and will bite humans as well as pets.

A female flea will continue to lay a few eggs every day until she has yielded up to 200 to 400 eggs. These eggs will develop into flea larvae within two days to several weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity. Current studies indicate that adult fleas account for only 5% of the total flea population in any given situation.

INDOOR treatment includes a minimum of two treatments every 2 weeks with a 60 day warranty.
OUTDOOR treatment is a single outdoor treatment that includes lawn, trees and flower beds.

Cicada Killer Wasp Treatment

Wasp Treatments

Cicada wasps are very large, between 1 1/8 and 1 5/8 inches long and have a black body with yellow stripes across the thorax and abdomen. The head and thorax are reddish and the wings yellow-brown. They resemble yellow jacket wasps. Despite their intimidating size, Cicada wasps are solitary wasps that rarely sting unless disturbed. Cicada wasps prefer to dig their burrows in bare, dry and sandy areas in full sunlight. Each burrow is 6–10 inches deep and a 1/2 inch wide. They kick sand particles back as they dig, which forms a u-shaped mound at the entrance, and infested lawns can contain several mounds that can smother grass. They favor areas with little vegetation and rarely infest thick turf grass.

Ground Nesting Bee, Wasp, Yellow Jacket Treatment

Be aware, it can be very dangerous if attention is not being paid and a ground nest is encountered! This service is included as one of our specialty lawn care services.
Ground nesting bees, wasps and yellow jackets will burrow in the ground. You may see multiple openings in the ground with 2 — 5 different entry points. Many times these burrows will occur along the edges of banks or along tree lines. Treating certain types of ground bees, wasps and yellow jackets can be very dangerous and it is important that you stay away and keep children and pets away from ground nests.

Your treatment will be a customized solution to eradicate your problem so that no further threat is posed to your family and your property.
Our specialty lawn care treatment will be a customized solution to your unique situation. We specially treat each burrow where infestation has occurred.

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Reviewer Dan Roney Dan Roney
5 Star Review
We recently moved to our home and I always noticed ants outside the house. I sprayed and they would be gone, but resurface elsewhere. I missed seeing them one time and it was too late. They had made their way up the front of the house and through the eaves and were coming down everywhere in the bathroom. After 2 days of vacuuming ants and...(Read More)

Reviewer Vinney Murdico Vinney Murdico
5 Star Review
David is a great guy. He came out to treat a possible yellowjacket nest in my shrubs and determined it wasn't a nest at all, but sooty mold on the plants attracting the yellowjackets to the plants from elsewhere. He explained what was causing it and how to treat it and didn't charge me for the visit. It's hard to find honest, knowledgeable vendors these days who ...(Read More)