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We offer a wide range of specialty pest control solutions for all types of insects and pests, including African Bees, Crazy Ants, Fleas, German Cockroach, Tick Control, and Ground Nesting Bees from a team of highly trained and courteous technicians. As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible service to our customers, we always follow through on a pest problem until it is completely resolved and prevent infestations from recurring throughout the year.

African Honey Bee Extermination

Swarming African Honey Bees

Bee Aware… Look, Listen, Run
African Honey Bee Control, Africanized Honey Bees are more aggressive than standard bees. They can make their nests within the walls of homes through little holes on the exterior walls that are not properly sealed up, or their nests can be made by hanging in numerous places throughout your property. Bees release an "alarm pheromone" just after they sting, which signals others to come & attack. In the case of Africanized honey bees, this could mean almost the entire hive.

An inspection of your home will be done, where we will evaluate possible and confirmed entry points, and give pricing and recommendations.
Treatment will include sealing up entry points and removal of bees. Upon treatment completion we can offer you a lifetime renewable warranty.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Eradication

Bed Bugs are blood-feeding insects that feed mainly on the blood of humans, but also suck blood from other animals. They mainly feed at night and need food in order to mate. Bed Bugs reproduce quickly, so a few can turn into a Bed Bug infestation in a very short amount of time. Severe Bed Bug infestations tend to have a sweet, foul odor. Over 80% of Bed Bug infestations occur in the mattress or box spring; but, can also be found in other furniture. Bed Bugs are transmitted from one place to another by "hitchhiking" on clothing, suitcases, second-hand beds, furniture and bedding and are oval-shaped and look like apple seeds. Bed Bug bites are similar to mosquito bites as the bitten area becomes swollen and hard. Although Bed bug infestations were widespread in years past (post WWII) and seemed to have diminished, due to the changes and regulations in pest control over the years, we are seeing Bed bug infestations more commonly again. A bed bug infestation can be recognized by blood stains from crushed bugs or by rusty (sometimes dark) spots of excrement on sheets and mattresses, bed clothes and walls. Fecal spots, eggshells and shed skins may be found in the vicinity of their hiding places.

An inspection of your home will be done, where we will evaluate possible infestations, and give pricing and recommendations.
A treatment will be recommended only based upon many different factors that will be taken into account once we have evaluated the degree of your problem.

Fleas Treatment & Control

Flea Control Services

Flea treatment can be provided for both INDOOR and/or OUTDOOR issues. Fleas are small yet visible to the naked eye and are capable of jumping from 14 to 16 inches and will bite humans as well as pets.

INDOOR treatment includes a minimum of two treatments every 2 weeks with a 60 day warranty.
OUTDOOR treatment is a single outdoor treatment that includes lawn, trees and flower beds.


Caribbean Crazy Ant Treatment

Crazy Ant Control Services

Caribbean Crazy Ants are named so because of their rapid, erratic movements. They are golden-brown to reddish-brown in color and range from 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch in length. Caribbean Crazy Ants have become a severe nuisance in some areas of Florida and are difficult to control. We recommend our monthly pest control program to achieve best results with keeping Caribbean Crazy Ants at bay.


Ground Nesting Bee, Wasp, Yellow Jacket Treatment

Yellow Jacket Control Services

Be aware, it can be very dangerous if attention is not being paid and a ground nest is encountered!
Ground nesting bees, wasps and yellow jackets will burrow in the ground. You may see multiple openings in the ground with 2 — 5 different entry points. Many times these burrows will occur along the edges of banks or along tree lines. Treating certain types of ground bees, wasps and yellow jackets can be very dangerous and it is important that you stay away and keep children and pets away from ground nests.

Your treatment will be a customized solution to eradicate your problem so that no further threat is posed to your family and your property.

Tick Control Treatment

Yellow Jacket Control Services

Tick treatment can be provided for both indoor and/or outdoor issues.
The common tick is a stubborn pest, and will take cooperation of homeowners and pest control specialists to control. Ticks cannot hop or fly, therefore they climb onto an appropriate area to wait until they find a passing host. Pets can pick up ticks while roaming through wooded or overgrown areas, as well as some parks.

INDOOR — Indoor treatment includes a minimum of 2 treatments every 2 weeks (Up to 4 — 5 visits) and up to a one year warranty.
OUTDOOR — Our single outdoor treatment includes spraying your lawn, trees and flower beds.

German Cockroach Treatments

Yellow Jacket Control Services

The German Cockroach can grow up to 1/2" inch maximum length and are pale brown in color. The German Cockroach produces more eggs than any other pest cockroach and their young complete their growth very quickly, proving how quickly they multiply. They can be found indoors in warm and humid areas and prefer crevices near food and water in kitchens and bathrooms. You may notice multiple cockroaches (3-10) scurry when you open drawers or turn on lights.

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David is a great guy. He came out to treat a possible yellowjacket nest in my shrubs and determined it wasn't a nest at all, but sooty mold on the plants attracting the yellowjackets to the plants from elsewhere. He explained what was causing it and how to treat it and didn't charge me for the visit. It's hard to find honest, knowledgeable vendors these days who ...(Read More)