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At Nelson's Pest Control, we have extensive experience treating cockroach infested homes to eliminate a wide variety of roach species. We are regularly called upon for cockroach control treatments to eradicate infestations of:

  • German Roaches: The German cockroach is one of the most common roaches found in apartment houses, restaurants, and hotels. German cockroaches (eggs included), are "brought in", usually on man's belongings, luggage, boxes or packages. Adult German roaches range in size from 1/2 inch- 5/8 inch long. They are light to medium brown. They have 2 dark distinctive stripes behind the head. The young German roaches (nymphs) are smaller than adults and are wingless. They have a light stripe on their backs and are darker in color.
  • Australian Cockroaches: These are similar in appearance to the American Roach but is smaller in size.It is rarely more than 1¼ inches long. They have a yellow area on their thorax as seen in the picture. They are reddish brown. They can be identified by yellow stripes along the outer front edge of the wings. In Florida, they are commonly called "palmetto bug", just like the American Roach. They may be found in wall voids, tree holes, leaf piles, mulch, wood piles, tree barks, in and around shrubs and greenhouses. Inside they may be found in attics, kitchens, garbage cans and garages.
  • Asian Cockroaches or Oriental Roaches: Are commonly called water bugs or black beetles. This cockroach is shiny black and is about 1¼ inches long. They have wings, but the male or female roach can not fly. The total length for the female is 1¼" and 1" for the male. The females have small nonfunctional wings while the males have wings that cover about ¾ of the abdomen, nether the female or male can fly. Adults are very dark brown or black in color.
  • Brown-banded Roaches: The Brown Banded Cockroach is often confused with the German Roach , but its habits are different. Found only indoors they are light brown, about ½ inch long. They have two light, irregular bands along their wings. The German Roach has two dark, distinctive bands behind their heads. They prefer starchy materials, but being scavengers will eat almost anything. They are rarely seen during the day, and the adult male may fly. They prefer dry and warm places and may be scattered throughout the building. They may be found throughout especially in high areas such as picture frames and ceilings.
  • Smokey Brown Roaches: The Smoky brown roach, is slightly smaller than the American cockroach, and they have a uniform mahogany color. Adults have well-developed wings that stretch to the tip of the abdomen. The young nymphs have long antennae, which are white at the tip. They generally feeds on plant material, but can feed on any organic debris once inside your home. The Smoky brown roaches are a tropical cockroach are not all over the USA. They are common in central and east Texas, Gulf Coast, throughout Florida and up the eastern seaboard. They are now found in some areas of California.

Cockroach Identifier:

German Cockroach
Australian Roach
Oriental Roach
Brown Banded Roach
Smokey Brown Roach

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