Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with dependable, quality lawn, pest control, termite and specialty services for their homes and landscaping. We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscientious through using Integrated Pest Management Principles while attaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Locally Owned And Operated:

Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. is locally and family owned and operated, and is currently servicing thousands of customers throughout the Tampa Bay area including Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties along with commercial accounts in Orlando & surrounding cities.

Customer Satisfaction:

Since the beginning, Nelson's Pest Control, Inc's number one priority has been our customers. We are always striving to provide our customers with the latest techniques allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and service our customers to the best of our abilities. Throughout the years, we have retained our customers through outstanding customer service and continue to service thousands.


Nelson's Pest Control, Inc are members of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce, the Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida & the Florida Pest Management Association. In February 2003, the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce & the St. Petersburg Times recognized Nelson's Pest Control as the 2003 Small Business of the Year Chamber of Commerce 2003 Small Business of the year.

Why Are We Different?

You're family when you're one of our customers!!
Having been self employed since the 7th grade and growing up through my early teen age years in a wonderful family, has instilled the importance of core family values in me. Since as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion to work outside in the lawn, whether it was raking leaves when living up North, planting flowers with my mother, or just capturing those big black & yellow bumble bees in a glass jar. Looking back, it's not surprising to me now some 30 years later that I have passionately and thoroughly enjoyed growing and operating Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. In 1995 I delivered and began raising the first of my 3 girls, who are each so amazingly unique, what a joy it has been being their Dad!!! Having been remarried now since 2007, my day to day home life has become an indescribable time filled with joy, full of peace and contentment. Thank you Barb for being the most amazing and caring woman to me!!! Words can't even describe the depths of love you have for me and my 3 girls!!! Oh, how could I not mention my step son Jostin who was adopted from Guatemala at 6 months old. Walking in the door after a long hard day at the office after dealing with volumes of sales/service calls…. yet to be greeted with so much excitement at the door to be told of his day's accomplishments as he looks up at me… Each and every one of those memories are truly PRICELESS!!! After all is said and done, if you want to experience the quality and results of a GREAT family run, yet customer driven and expert pest control company what are you waiting for?

Written by: David Nelson

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Our History

Owner Nelson's Pest Control, CEO David Nelson

During his Middle School school years, David Nelson started Eternal Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. That company grew to 6 employee's throughout his High School years. From 10th grade thru his 1990 Senior graduating year at Gulf High School, David was enrolled in the "On the Job Training program" which enabled him to spend most of his day working. This experience allowed him to learn how to quickly grow his company and enjoy being his own boss while employing his fellow classmates who were also in the same OJT program. During his high school years he dated a young lady whose family ran a locally owned, small one technician pest control company, this sparked David's curiosity and interest for the bug industry. Shortly after graduation and after many talks and much encouragement from his father, John, David began changing his goals for the future and started to remove himself from the lawn mowing and landscaping industry (and the day to day chaos and grind that the mowing company continually demanded of him). This allowed David the time to position himself to enter into the pest control industry with the vision to create and pave the foundation for Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. as it is known today.

In the early 1990's, David added to his staff two highly trained veteran's well known to the pest control industry who were both State Certified in different categories of Pest Control. Allowing David to began his journey into the Pest Control industry throughout the Tampa Bay area. At the age of 25, David, himself, successfully passed all required tests to hold Statewide certifications through the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services/Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control as a Certified Pest Control Operator for the following:

  • Termite and Other WDO Control
  • Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control
  • General Household Pest and Rodent Control
  • Preventative & Corrective Termite Treatments

In the spring of 2003 Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. had grown to 18 employees & thousands of customers, and was nominated and awarded the Small Business of the Year by the St. Petersburg Times and our local Chamber of Commerce. By the summer of 2003, David became faced with both a business and personal challenge, and therefore, David was forced to strategically exited the lawn spraying division that he was so passionate about and sold it to a national company. David continued to operate Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. by offering service to 1,200+ Indoor Pest Control and Termite customers throughout the entire Tampa Bay area (and into the Orlando area) with a staff of 4.

In the fall of 2008, it was long over due… and with great excitement David's non-compete for the Lawn Business was over and he once again began aggressively expanding the company again by reintroducing Nelson's Lawn & Shrub Spraying division to customers. Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. has experienced tremendous growth since, by retaining old customers and also obtaining new ones, all while additionally focusing on assuming other local companies that align with Nelson's strategic growth plans. This has also enabled Nelson's Pest Control, Inc. the ability to employ additional staff of high quality professionals who, like us, focus on providing outstanding customer service.

Meet Our Staff

Field Staffing Second To None
Our tenured field staff has over 100 years combined experience and all participate in continuing education to further expand their knowledge for the job and to better serve our customers.

Administrative Office Staff
Our administrative staff is always ready to serve you with a smile while providing you information regarding your account and available services. Additionally, current customers have 24 hour access to account information and services provided online.


David Nelson CEO

Barbara Nelson Vice President

John Murray Partner

AJ Pellegrino General Manager

Jerry Casale Outdoor Division Manager

Kristel Visuetti

Zacch Webb

Nathan Trommell

Andy Shuhart

Anthony DeLeon

In loving memory Rick Lamb


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Reviewer Dan Roney Dan Roney
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We recently moved to our home and I always noticed ants outside the house. I sprayed and they would be gone, but resurface elsewhere. I missed seeing them one time and it was too late. They had made their way up the front of the house and through the eaves and were coming down everywhere in the bathroom. After 2 days of vacuuming ants and...(Read More)

Reviewer Vinney Murdico Vinney Murdico
5 Star Review
David is a great guy. He came out to treat a possible yellowjacket nest in my shrubs and determined it wasn't a nest at all, but sooty mold on the plants attracting the yellowjackets to the plants from elsewhere. He explained what was causing it and how to treat it and didn't charge me for the visit. It's hard to find honest, knowledgeable vendors these days who ...(Read More)