Spider Pictures

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Southern Black WidowRed WidowBrown WidowBrown Recluse

PhotoOfficial NameNameCharacteristicsHabitat
Latrodectus mactansSouthern Black WidowThis spider is glossy black with an hourglass shape on the abdomen. This is the most wide spread widow in Florida.Commonly found outdoors in protected places, such as under rocks, boards and in and around old buildings.
Latrodectus BishopiRed WidowThis species has a black abdomen and reddish-orange head, thorax and legs. This spider lacks a complete hourglass on the abdomen.Commonly found in sandpine scrub habitats in central and southeast Florida.
Lactrodectus GeometricusBrown WidowThis spider varies in color from light brown to black. The underside has a red and yellow hourglass.Commonly found south of Daytona Beach along the coast, and makes its web on buildings and well lighted areas.
Loxosceles ReclusaBrown RecluseThis species is not established in Florida. It is recognized by the disticntive dark violin-shaped mark located on the head and thorax. They are 1/4″ to 1/2″ long.Commonly found in arms and legs of garments left hanging for some time or beds that have been unoccupied for long periods of time.