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Termite Control Specialists Serving St. Petersburg, FL, and Surround Areas

If you require termite control for your home or business in St. Petersburg, Florida, it is important that you turn to a company with a reputation for performing outstanding work. Eliminating termite infestations is intricate work and successful solutions require specialized knowledge and extensive experience.

Over the course of more than two decades, Nelson’s Pest Control has provided effective termite control services for countless home and businesses owners in St. Petersburg, FL, and nearby communities. We take the time to thoroughly examine our customers’ properties, allowing us to accurately identify the extent of the problem as well as critical sites of the infestation so that we can provide the most effective, long-lasting solution.

Some other reasons that so many home and business owners turn to Nelsons’ Pest Control for termite control include:

  • We can provide pretreatments for virtually any size property to prevent termite infestations.
  • We can provide comprehensive WDO and HUD inspections.
  • We take our customers’ unique needs and preferences into account when choosing which chemicals to use.
  • We never try to provide our customers with a service they don’t need and even try to save our customers money. For example we’ll provide a spot treatment, instead of a whole-house treatment, if we believe it will effectively suppress the infestation.

At Nelson’s Pest Control, we utilize the industry’s most advanced termite control products, thereby preventing infestations from recurring for up to 10 years. To learn more about the services we provide in St. Petersburg, FL, contact us today.