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Choosing a Pest Control Company in Tampa FL

Choosing Pest Control in Tampa

You have many choices when choosing pest control in Tampa, but as you know with most products and services, they are not all created equally. The exact products used are often very different from company to company. In addition to the product being different, the way it is applied and how often varies greatly. Additionally the level of customer service varies from organization to organization. Finally, pricing is always different.

What to look for in a Tampa pest control company?

As consumers of pest control in Tampa, we must balance the products used, customer service and price. Deciphering whether or not the products used are “good” or “effective” products can be hard for someone who does not know anything about pest control, but there are other ways to discover this. Look at the company as a whole, do they offer guarantees? If so, it is likely they are using high quality pest control products. Do they have excellent reviews? Again this is a sign that they do good work and likely have great pest control products. How long have they been in business? While this is not a fool proof way to tell if a company uses good products, it can be used with the other variables to decipher it. If a business has been around for a long time, it is unlikely they offer poor products as this is not a great way to sustain a business.

Determining how a pest control product is applied can be another difficult thing to ascertain, but there are some simple things you can look for. All pest control products have a shelf life. Rains wash away chemicals and so does time. If the company only offers a one-time service, this could be a sign that they are in it for a quick money grab. While many people only want an initial pest infestation taken care, it is not a long term, sustainable solution. You should look for a company that provides both single service as well as ongoing service for your pest control in Tampa needs. Again, if they have a guarantee, this is even better!

Customer service is something that is easier to ascertain. Are they easy to get a hold of? When you call does someone answer the phone? When you email them do they respond? Can they provide pest control service to you in a timely manner on your schedule? Again, this is a great time to check out their reviews. Are they a local company? While being a local company is not a necessity, it often assures you of having more timely service. In addition local pest control in Tampa companies often have a vested share in the community and are far more likely to go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Local companies thrive on mouth to mouth PR and referrals and die out with poor mouth to mouth, so it becomes a higher priority to ensure you are satisfied with the service they provide.

Pricing is perhaps the easiest of all things to determine, but in my opinion it should be the last thing to be researched. You want to do your best to compare apples to apples, so if you’ve done your homework on the previous items, it will give you a better idea of what the true value in the price is. Additionally, most sophisticated and strong pest control companies should be able to give you pricing over the phone or through email for common problems. Keep in mind that if a company says that they must send someone to your location in order to determine pricing that they most likely have extra padding in their pricing. Afterall, they need to pay for someone to visit you and not all those people end up purchasing, so they add that price into their base pricing. You will generally get a better price over the phone.

Conclusion of choosing pest control in Tampa

To wrap things up, there are four main variables to look at before choosing pest control in Tampa: the product, how the product is applied or serviced, customer service and pricing. Please don’t hesitate to add a comment or question to this post.

Nelson’s Pest Control, Inc.prides itself on having high marks in all area of choosing pest control in Tampa. Give us a call today and know you made the right choice.

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