A Day in a Tampa Pest Control Office

Our job in the office is often like playing the game of 20 questions. And although some customers don’t like the game when they call our office, it is a necessary part of our customer service. We often hear “we have bugs, so need a spray”. It is then our job to help to identify the type of problem the caller is experiencing so we can offer the best pest control program as a solution.  Our office staff is trained in the different types of insects in Florida, as well as our Tampa pest control programs. After asking some specific questions, we are able to offer the potential customer different program choices to solve the problem they are experiencing.   It then allows us to advise our technicians of the problems and concerns so they can treat properly using industry specific products for the job.
German Roaches… yuk!

The German cockroach problem is often the most challenging to identify over the phone, especially when there is such a negative stigma about them. This insect is not native to Florida, and does not live outdoors. If you have them in your home, it usually means they arrived through a delivery (such as furniture or appliances) or was carried in. The possibilities include: backpacks, gym bags, travel luggage, groceries, and even tv cable boxes! Due to their multiplying so quickly (The complete life cycle of this type of cockroach is roughly 100 to 200 days for females, during which 10,000 descendants of a single cockroach can be produced!), it is imperative that we start the eradication process as soon as they are identified.

Service & …Success!

A potential customer calls us and after determining the type of program most suited, we make an appointment for one of our technicians to visit the home. Unfortunately in our industry, customers often assume that one treatment will solve this type of problem yet it took weeks or sometimes many months for it to become an infestation.  Our technicians perform a detailed inspection and usually find areas that are infested with thousands of roaches that a customer is not even aware of.  Nelson’s Pest Control, Inc.’s indoor division has highly trained technicians, all of whom receive continuing education regarding insects and current products on a regular basis.  They follow consistent custom procedures which we have developed and perfected, which help eradicate German roach problems quickly, using the best commercial grade products available on the market. We have a strict follow up procedure so that treatments can be done in a timely fashion, allowing for quick results. (see customer reviews) Our techs will also give information and suggestions to the homeowner on what things to do to help speed the eradication process. Often times, with customer cooperation the process can be completed within 4 – 5 weeks.

Once the German Roaches are gone, it is recommended that our quarterly exterior maintenance program be continued to help our customers enjoy a pest free home!   As the scheduling staff, I find it is always a pleasure to call to set up the weekly visits and hear that the homeowners are happy with the results! It is one of the reasons why I love being part of the family here at Nelson’s Pest Control Inc.  For more information about our company, please visit our website: www.NelsonsPestControl.com.

Please contact our office at: 813-994-1166  or  727-372-1175

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