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Wanting to kill Crabgrass “DO IT YOURSELF”



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Two different solutions for getting rid of your Carpet Grass – Crab Grass


Solution #1 is what Nelson’s can do —– Solution #2 an effective home remedy

 Solution #1

When choosing Nelson’s Pest Control, Inc. to care for your Tampa lawn, we will recommend our Carpet Grass – Crab Grass preventive using our custom blended Premium Pre-Emergent program. (A pre-emergent product kills weed seeds as weed seeds begin to germinate.)   We apply our proven and highly effective custom blended Lesco golf course grade Pre-Emergent, which will only deliver superior results for that coveted better looking lawn that you deserve.  This program’s approach will aid in helping your lawn avoid the many commonly requested and required turf damaging topical weed sprays that are typically used to kill the never ending and reoccurring cycles of weeds within your lawn.  At Nelson’s Pest Control, Inc, we not only understand the proper timing of your Pre-Emergent applications for your lawn but through our 20 plus years experience in the Tampa Lawn care business, our proven technique will insure you the best results possible. With this Custom Premium Program we will deliver you that better looking, weed free lawn!!! Remember, our success is directly reflected not only in delivering you a lush, deep green lawn, but a weed free lawn too *Pre Emergence does not control Wild Bermuda grass seeds; however, the following Baking Soda home remedy treatment mentioned in Solution 2 will kill Bermuda Grass.


Over the years, I have observed a home remedy treatment that delivers above average results for homeowners.

Homeowners will need to purchase a small sprayer, baking soda, molasses and baby wash. (I suggest Sam’s Club for the largest and most inexpensive packaging of baking soda). Immediately after mixing and applying solution on Carpet Grass, Crab Grass, Bermuda Grass sections within your lawn, you then sprinkle/dust Carpet Grass/Crab Grass/Bermuda grass infested areas within your lawns with a fairly thick coating of baking soda.  Best results will be obtained when this treatment is done mid morning and the daytime temp is above 85°. The real secret is to apply baking soda while solution is still wet.

Watch video below for detailed step by step instruction for the “DO IT YOURSELFER”

Equipment and Supplies needed

1 ladies nylon stocking

2 cups plain tap water

1 sprayer

1 tsp unsulfured blackstrap molasses

2 tsp Baby Wash

Baking Soda

Mix appropriate ratios of water, molasses and baby wash in sprayer based on area being applied to.  Spray solution to thoroughly wet leaf blades of area to be treated.

 Immediately after being sprayed with above mixture begin dusting wetted areas with baking soda using a nylon stocking (insert baking soda into nylon stocking for ease of disbursement).

When the baking soda is applied to the wet leaves the above mixture ensures that it sticks to the leaves. Then within 2 days, your Carpet Grass – Crab Grass and/or wild Bermuda may begin turning brown and within three – four days treated leaves turn black and show signs of death. Remember, all leaves that aren’t sprayed, powdered and properly coated will remain unaffected.  

***Important to note: All Lawns that don’t receive our Custom blended Pre Emergent  will within weeks have their weed grasses growing back.

Watch video below for detailed step by step instruction for the “DO IT YOURSELFER”


This process delivers almost immediate results in the summer, and will deliver the same results in Oct through March (when it’s not as hot outside); however it may take a few days longer to see the change in appearance.

One must also understand the reason that Nelson’s Pest Control, Inc. does not perform treatment is that baking soda, molasses and baby wash does not have treating lawns on its label. This process will sometimes require a second treatment.

Once a homeowner has determined that they’re going to treat their Carpet Grass / Crab Grass and finally win the battle, they need to immediately call our office and request us to begin our Golf course quality Pre-Emergent program and let our product kill any future seed germination.  At that time any future baking soda treatment applications will be few and far-between.

Written by David Nelson

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